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Wycliffe Missionary Training

We have now been training here in Waxhaw, NC for a week. We cannot tell you enough about how much we have learned to so far. Every morning our hearts are full of anticipation for what God is going to speak to us throught the teaching sessions, the missionary testimonies, and the study of God's word. One of the highlights of this week has been the teaching of Cross Cultual servanthood. Serving people is not doing what seems good to us, but learning from them and doing what is best based on their culture. Another really amazing session was about worldviews. We were taught about the four main worldviews, how we can slip unconciously into them, and most importantly how to check ourselves to make sure your life is continually growing toward a more Biblical worldview. This course has given us so much to think about and work on! We wish it could be available not only to missionaries, but to any Christian with the desire to make a difference in the world.

Another part of our daily life here is school for the kids. Diego, Joey and Gaby go to a house for homeschooling while we are in training. They have met a lot of other missionary kids. They are enjoying meeting  people and learning about other countries. Gaby has also been able to fish every day, which has been a fun highlight!

It is so encouraging to see so many young couples going to serve the Lord in remote areas. We are so blessed to be here and meet wonderful people who have been serving the Lord for over 30 years as missionaries.

Thank you all for your prayers during this transition! We are so thankful for all of you.

Check out the video below for an update on our training.
The Posners


  1. Nice to see and hear a little how things are going. God's blessings to you all. We are praying for you.


  2. Kai sends his love to Gaby and is glad to hear she gets to go fishing! Diego and Joey, we miss you too! Love, the Frantzes. P.S. Your house looks good. ;)

  3. We went to what sounds like the same program, and it was one of the best things that we did in preparation for going!