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Second week of training

Hi y'all! (NC greeting)
We had an awesome second week at ICC (Intercultural, Communications, Course) training.  We are learning a lot about worldview, spiritual vitality, interpersonal skill, crisis on the field, the theology of suffering, God's Sovereignty, etc. So much!! And so amazing!

One of the sections that really stuck with me (Giannina) was about Missionary Kids (MK). We have been taught that "kids have a significant impact upon the family, and family issues impact the field". Missionary kids often are quickly accepted by the culture,  learn the language more quickly than the parents, are resilient,  and increase world perspective. On the flip side, we learned that MK are also a target for satan. If satan can get the kids, he can get the parents, and can really affect the ministry. Through these teachings, we learned the importance of prioritizing our time with our kids as well as how important it is to communicate with them and let them comunicate their feelings to us. We welcome prayers for wisdom with our MKs!

We've also been having some fun with the missionary families here! Last Friday we put on a talent show. Diego played the piano, Joey showed his drawings, Gaby danced the chihuahua song in her famous lion costume, and all three of them sang a spanish song. It was a fun night with all the missionary famlies.

We are in our third week here. We have one more week here before we head back to Minneapolis on February 20th. Please keep our kids in your prayers! Joey got sick with bronchitis and Diego started geeting sick. Gaby is doing well so far.

Also, we are still in need of monthly supporters. Please  pray for God's provision on this big need!